Bryn in Books:

Learn more about past lives in “Miracles Happen” by Brian Weiss and read about one of my past life cases titled “Embracing Equality”.  And in “Memories of the Afterlife” by Michael Newton,  read about one of my Life Between Lives client’s sessions in Chapter 3, “When Children Teach from the Grave”.  Receive an autographed copy when you have your own LBL session with Bryn.  

Bryn on the Radio

Bryn discusses Reincarnation, Past Life Regression, and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression with Hosts Karen Frazier and Rick Hale
in her interview on Paranormal Underground Radio (Nov. 2013):
Click here to listen to Bryn’s Radio Interview (Nov. 2013) and also with Mike Williams Sage of Quay.
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“Once free of the body, the soul is able to see truth clearly because it is more pure than before and recalls the pure ideas which it knew before.”


Past Life Regression:  Reincarnation is not new, it is recognized by many cultures throughout many parts of the world. Past life regression (PLR) is a technique which allows you to explore one or more of your soul’s incarnations.  In recent years, Brian Weiss, best known for his book Many Lives, Many Masters, has brought recognition to past life regression thru his books and research.                                                   

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL)™ is a deeply profound exploration of your soul’s immortal existence.  LBL is based on the groundbreaking research and instruction of Michael Newton, PhD. author of the best-selling books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, spanning over 7,000 LBL cases spanning a period of over 30 years.
Chakra Balancing Hypno-Meditation:  Reconnect to your intuition, expand your awareness and re-balance the energy centers of your being. Remove creative blocks and experience inner peace and well-being.