The mind/body connection is tremendous in improving health and in preparing for and recovering from surgery.   Where the mind goes, the body follows.  Holding a positive mindset leads to positive outcomes and reduces stress so that the body’s energy and resources can be spent mending, repairing and restoring health.

Directing our thoughts towards positive results aids tremendously in the body’s ability to heal.  Just as our body has the ability to overcome illness and mend broken bones, it has the ability to recover more quickly from surgery when the right elements are in place. Studies have shown that when using hypnosis to create a relaxed state of well-being, your mind affects your body and begins to make profound changes. Blood tests before and after hypnosis and meditation have proven that the mind quickly and dramatically affects the state of health.  Stress is a big energy zapper and a contributing factor in disease processes.  Eliminating it allows the body to redirect its energy towards healing and rebalancing its bodily systems.

Many of the world’s well-known hospitals now use hypnosis and guided imagery techniques as part of their integrative health care programs because hypnosis offers an effective, relaxing, drug-free choice for promoting health and wellness.  Among other things, hypnosis aids in the ability to sleep soundly, lower blood pressure, reduce pain and shorten recovery time following surgery.