Past Life Regression

Reincarnation is not new, it is recognized by many cultures throughout many parts of the world. Past life regression (PLR) is a technique for accessing a deeper state of awareness to explore one or more of your soul’s incarnations and the soul’s wisdom carried forward as a result.

PLR allows for recall of memories, experiences, and emotions connected to a previous life or lives that continue to influence an individual in their current life.  Many choose to explore karmic relationships thru PLR for greater understanding and awareness of life lessons.

A PLR session is also helpful for uncovering connections to historical events, cultures or time periods you feel especially drawn to in this life or for resolving issues that may be carried over from a past incarnation.  By connecting with these hidden influences this way, it is possible to free oneself of negative patterns and beliefs that no longer serve an individual in their current life.

A PLR session is 2 hours.  It may be done on its own or as a prerequisite to having an LBL session.

“You are not your body; you are not your brain, not even your mind.  You are spirit.  All you have to do is reawaken to the memory, to remember.  Spirit has no limits, not the limit of the physical body nor of the reaches of the intellect or the mind..” ~ Brian Weiss “Messsages from the Masters”