Did you know that the fear of speaking in public is the most common fear people have.  Its number on on the list!

When you think about speaking in front of a group or audience, how does that make you feel?  Take a moment to imagine reciting your favorite poem in front of an audience of 50 of your classmates or colleagues.  Could you do it?  Could you do it well?  Are you focused on the poem–delivering the material OR are you focused on the idea of them looking back at you while you do this?  Can you speak or do you struggle to get it over with?

Now, imagine standing in front of this same group, poised, composed and delivering the information in an interesting, clear and eloquent way.  Comfortable and relaxed yet focused.  Imagine the audience is actually interested in what you have to talk about.  Smiling at you as you speak.  Imagining it is the first step…

Hypnosis can make it a reality.