The Braithe Center is a spiritual farm…a place for breathing new life into souls.  Named the Braithe Center in the old Southern tradition of naming one’s homesite, this gorgeous property offers a country feel rich with wetlands and wildlife yet close to Hwy 17/Market Street, I-40 bypass and minutes from Wilmington Int’l Airport (ILM) and area beaches (Wrightsville Beach/Topsail Island).

“Braithe” in old Scots means “breath”.  It is a Gaelic word meaning “to whine or cry out” in this sense in pain or in victory as wounds of the past are healed and as karmic imprints are released.  Stepping onto the land you can feel it’s energy from generations before who have lived here and worked the land.  It’s healing soil, nourishing their spirits as they worked the land to provide for their families.  Allow it to breathe new life into your soul and leave feeling energized as you do.  Braithe is also the name of the male, Whiskered Skreech owl, a wise bird who cries out a warning when danger approaches.

What to know before you visit:

  • Sessions at the Braithe are by appointment only due to the private setting we’ve chosen for doing this deep, personal work.  We are not available for drop-ins as we are most lik20161029_165939ley in an appointment with another client.
  • We ask that when you do turn down the roadway to the Braithe, you drive slow out of respect for the neighbors, their children, and the wildlife…
  • Once you pull up, turn off cellphones and begin to leave the outside world behind…
  • Upon stepping out of the car, take a breathe and really connect with the land, feel her as you walk up to our entrance, reconnect and let her breathe new life into your soul!






We are honored to have friends skilled in the healing and visual arts to join us here from time to time.  Spending time with them will allow you space to heal your own personal wounds and to find peace within.  No matter what your reason for visiting us whether for a session or otherwise, we hope you’ll leave with new life in your soul!



For inquiries into an event sponsored by the Braithe Center, please visit our calendar page on the home page.