So you’ve been diagnosed with a disease…now what?

Sit quietly with pen and paper.  Close your eyes, really feel your body and let it tell you what its thinking.  We hold the pain of our thoughts in our body.  The body tells a story.  Listen.  What is it saying.

What kinds of phrases come to mind “life isn’t fair”,  “I don’t deserve”,  “I knew this would happen”,  I wish I could leave” (this place/planet), “I felt so bad for him that I wanted to take his pain away”.  What kinds of thoughts are running through your mind?  These are the thoughts that you’re holding in your body and this is what’s behind the “dis-ease” in your body.

There are times to accept medical treatment and other times to do it the alternative way.  And then there are those times when you can take the best of both worlds to bring about healing.  It really depends on the type and severity of the situation.  This too you must decide.  So sit quietly, listen.  Let the mind chatter calm down and weigh the options.  What did the doctors recommend?  What do you believe is best for you?  Find some common ground and then talk to your body.

Mind is the builder and the body follows.  So start by sending empowering thoughts to the mind that will change things.  Turn negatives into positives.  “I didn’t feel that I deserved all the good things that were coming to me, but now I see that I do deserve to be happy and to have good things and people in my life.”  “I felt so bad for him that I wanted to take his pain away but now I realize that that is not a healthy way to help anyone and it only hurts me.”  Turn your thoughts around.

Find out where the fear is.  Now that you’ve heard the diagnosis, how does that make you feel?  Where do you hold the fear in your body?  Take some deep cleansing breaths and breathe out the fear.  If it has you feeling paralyzed, it will open up this part of your body and the circulation will begin to return to that part of you.  Breathe out the pain, connect to your breath…the breath of life.

Make a new plan for yourself.  The old plan has you feeling defeated and depressed.  Write out those feelings, pound on a pillow….get it out.  Now make a new plan.  Choose to be strong.  Breathe deeply.  Decide to breathe thru the negative feelings that come up (and they will).  And then move forward with your plan.

The mind-body connection is strong.  Use it along with following the doctor’s instructions as you hold a new image of yourself in your mind of being healed and feeling whole again.  See the treatments working.  Feel them working.  Send your body supportive, energizing thoughts to work with your body’s own natural healing abilities to help you move thru this.  Imagine the healing energy flowing thru you helping to disband the pain and bring relief to the affected areas.   Our bodies can do amazing things…mend broken bones and heal from illness.  Tap into your own inner healer and use it to help you now.

Reconnect with your intuition and listen to the messages that come.  Let go of the fear, breathe thru it, it will loosen its hold on you and you’ll be able to think more clearly.  Identify how you’re feeling.  Be real about it.  Don’t only think of the rosy picture or only of the negative.  Feel what comes up and let it out.  Write it out, beat it out thru a pillow, put on music and dance it out.  Scream it out or cry it out…  Let all of these emotions come out because they can drain your energy by trying to hold them in.  Let them out freeing your energy from those worrisome things.  Regroup and focus on positive outcomes and you will find yourself strengthened and better equipped to deal with what comes next.