So What is the LBL Experience Like?

I’d like to share with you Part 2 of an article I wrote for “Innerchange Magazine” that talks about Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy which is now known as Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration.  This will give you a tiny glimpse of what an LBL session is like.  Each session is truly amazing and can’t really be described using earthly terms.  I am honored that my clients allow me to share in such an awe-inspiring experience with them. 

Love & Light


So what is the LBL experience like?

The LBL experience is often described as truly amazing or beyond words!  Clients consistently report feelings of tremendous warmth and joy upon connecting with the spirit world.  A sense of eternal peace permeates.  An encounter with the spirit world brings profound healing at a deeply emotional level as we understand our soul’s purpose along our journey through time.  

During this four-hour session, the client is gently guided into and thru a past life regression, which provides a natural springboard to the spirit world.  Here they are lovingly greeted at the gateway and able to access this knowledge of their soul’s history, and beginning a process of exploration and re-discovery. 

While in trance, time becomes very elastic and non-linear.  Clients are often surprised at how quickly the session flows and tend to be in a profound state when the session is over.  They may be reflective, yet joyful as this is a deeply personal experience.  So much is happening that is beyond Earthly description.   

During an LBL, clients may visit with loved ones who have passed over, meet up with members of their soul group, visit places of recreation, areas of study and learning, review body/life selection.  They may visit areas of rest and rejuvenation, learn their soul name, connect with angelic choirs and experience amazing “light shows”.   The station stops vary depending on the individual’s needs. 

The Wise Ones are known by many names, such as the Council of Elders.  An encounter with the Council of Elders and we are quickly reminded thru humor not to take ourselves too seriously in this human existence.  To slow down, enjoy the experience of being human, and to ask for help when we need it.  The Council is a loving, respectful one, reminding us that we are often harder on ourselves than need be.