Why Do Clients Seek an LBL Session?

And now Part 3 of an article I wrote for “Innerchange Magazine” that talks about Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy which is now known as Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration.  This will following are some of the reasons clients would choose to have an LBL and how having had the LBL Experience, they can find innerpeace in their current life, knowing that there is more beyond this life…the soul does go on…

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Why Do Clients Seek an LBL Session?

Clients come to my center from all over the country.  Some have read Dr. Newton’s books and others have chosen not to.  They choose LBL sessions for a variety of reasons, but all want answers from a perspective of expanded spiritual awareness that can only be gained thru this kind of session.

Who is in my Soul Group?  How to Manage a Low Energy Body?  One man chose an LBL session to explore his connection to his soul group and further understand his life’s purpose as he neared the latter part of his life.  He learned that their purpose had been to pave the way for others.  He found peace in knowing he had made the right career choice years before, because it had provided a comfortable living.  He could now spend his focus helping others on their spiritual quests thru workshops and offering companionship to discuss such matters. 

He learned that his soul group had come to illuminate the path for others in the younger generation who would be “shaking things up” by not fitting into the systems that had been established previously.  It was further clarified how his connection to one individual he had begun to mentor had spanned many lifetimes. He also discovered that he hadn’t brought enough energy in with him for the body he had chosen. Since birth his tiny little body had been sickly with many physical problems.  He was shown how to better manage his energy in order to fulfill his life’s purpose for the remainder of this life on Earth. 

Why Am I Here?  A woman came to explore her spiritual side and to learn more about her life’s purpose.  Trying to decide should she return to school to complete a higher degree or would she and her husband of many years ever have children after several failed attempts?

She discovered that part of her purpose was to complete a cycle of many lifetimes where she had lost children in childbirth.  This time she could lay those fears to rest.  She was about to conceive which was why she could feel the energy of the child around her these past several weeks, even knowing its name. 

Her purpose is about being there fully with this child, who she has lost throughout other incarnations.  This child has a great deal of energy and it will take a lot of energy from my client to manage that.  School must come later.  She discovered that her child has a special gift that she is bringing in that will manifest as she grows older. 

It is her role to nurture this child so that she is prepared for the magnitude in which she will touch others’ lives thru books and lectures in her chosen field.  A strong foundation and sense of safety is what she needs most now, free of the fears of dying in childbirth she also experienced from having to leave her mother (my client) in previous lifetimes. 

It is apparent that these pairings of parent and child are not accidental.  They take great orchestration and planning by those Wise Beings who look out for us.  They gave her a strong body that could manage childbirth, commenting that an alternate choice would not have been strong enough or allowed the entire soul group to continue to work on their common purpose. 

Thru her session her fears were laid to rest knowing that everything is as it should be.  Learning relaxation prepared her for a successful childbirth.  And trust in herself will help her as a parent to this child.

Help Me Understanding My Relationships?  Another client, a career-oriented woman, came to sort out feelings of isolation and loneliness, feeling disconnected to her husband to the point of considering an affair. 

As the LBL unfolded, she better understood the lifetimes they had shared, many of which she was predominantly a male, and had actually left him alone.  Currently, her career and her ability to be self-reliant has sometimes left her feeling alone. Thru the LBL session she learned that she has what she needs inside of her, she doesn’t need to search for it in someone else.  Upon making this realization, her husband’s spiritual self (the part that holds the energy in the spirit world) greeted her and showered her with love and affection, complimenting her on her achievements in life.  She felt the connection to him that had first sparked her love for him.  It made her appreciate him for all the little things she once loved about him.  This allowed her to have a happier outlook on her marriage upon returning home.

Following the LBL experience, the integration process continues.  A single LBL session is life-changing!  It promotes enduring positive changes and a renewed commitment to life’s purpose and amazing opportunities. 

LBL is a way of shining a light on a pathway in the darkness, helping others to regain their footing on the path.  It opens others’ minds to the awareness that there is more than what meets the eye.  Having knowledge of our spiritual self reminds us to enjoy the experience of being human while staying connected.  The 2012 is allowing us easier access to walk between both worlds to those who are open to the experience.

Bryn Blankinship, CMHt, LBLt serves as a board member and a lead instructor for The Newton Institute. She is a contributing author to “Memories of the Afterlife”, Michael Newton’s latest book available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com and other fine bookstores internationally.