Interview with Bryn Blankinship for IACT’s Ask the Professional Segment

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I am so honored and excited to be featured in the Int’l Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)’s “Ask the Professional” Segment! Their newsletter is designed to explore alternative models in holistic health care disciplines with insights from expert practitioners around the world. The IACT is the premier organization for professional hypnotherapists worldwide.

We have all had those times where we felt we had help from “above”. Where synchronicity and inexplicable events lead us somewhere. Meditation and prayer help us connect to our helpers for insight and guidance. LBL is a method that helps one get in touch with the higher guidance that is available to align with their purpose for being here. It also reminds us that though at times it may difficult to be here, we are not alone, help is available, and we are loved.

Here is the interview if you’d like to know more about it.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL)  


 An interview with Bryn Blankinship

 IACT: How exciting to be interviewing you on this subject. Perhaps we can begin by sharing your training and experience with our readers.

 BB:  I am honored!  Thank you for the opportunity to share more about Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. 

I first was drawn to hypnosis years ago while pursuing an acting career on the East Coast.  During one session I was given a “glimpse” of my future where I saw myself in Hollywood on set living my “dream”.  Shortly afterwards, I found myself in Hollywood standing in that same scene I had “seen” in the session.  Things came full circle for me and I had lots of fun in Hollywood, but I realized that my true love was the work that we did behind the scenes preparing for the roles.  My true dream was to help others move beyond their own limiting beliefs, as I had, and create the life they desired. 

I returned to the East Coast with a passion to learn all I could about past life regression.  I studied with Roger Woolger, Henry Bolduc and Brian Weiss.  I was intrigued by this work and learned a great deal from Michael Newton and decided that Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression was where I wanted to focus my practice.  I helped Dr. Newton found The Newton Institute (TNI) in 2005 and served on the Board of Directors for 7 years after that as VP/Director of Membership and as an International Lead Instructor.  During that time this international organization grew in leaps and bounds with practitioners in 25 countries worldwide. 

In addition to serving on the Board for TNI, in 2004 I founded Hypnotic Solutions Hypnosis Center in Wilmington, NC as a holistic center assisting clients with their personal growth and transformation.  I developed two certification programs (“HypnoSkillsets Mastery©” and “Past Life HypnoRegression©“) designed to take students on a track that gives them a solid foundation to  learn hypnosis and work with clients on current life issues from a synergistic point of view that encompasses mind, body and spirit in their healing.  It is designed to empower clients to find their own answers and strengths within themselves and find peace as they move forward in life.

I have been fortunate to have been a contributing author to two popular books on the subject of past lives and between lives.  My casework titled “When Children Teach from the Grave” is featured in Dr. Michael Newton’s revealing book “Memories of the Afterlife” and “Embracing Equality” is in Brian Weiss, MD’s latest release “Miracles Happen.”

I have also been featured in other books and documentary films on the subject of past lives and am currently consulting on a TV project which will explore past lives and life between lives and their impact on a client’s current life.  I have also recently completed two books (“The HypnoSkillsets Handbook©” and “Synergistic Hypnosis:  The HypnoBridge Process©” ) which I hope to publish soon.

In addition to teaching as an IACT-Approved Instructor, I keep a busy practice in Wilmington, North Carolina seeing clients and teaching hypnosis and past life regression courses to an international student-base.  I enjoy this work and find that this work feeds my soul while helping others along the way. 

IACT: Can you explain to our reader what Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression is?

BB: Reincarnation is not new, it is recognized by many cultures throughout many parts of the world.  As more and more people are opening up spiritually, they are curious about their past incarnations and want to explore their spiritual side for self-awareness and personal growth.  This is amazing, life changing work for the client and the practitioner!

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL) is a method for exploring our soul’s immortal existence.  This technique for accessing these memories is based on the groundbreaking research and instruction of Michael Newton, PhD., author of the best-selling books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls.”  Dr. Newton’s research spans 7,000 LBL cases over 30 years.  His latest book “Memories of the Afterlife” contains LBL case studies from his students who do this work. 

IACT: What is the difference between Past Life Regression (PLR) and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression?

BB: Past life regression is a technique that allows someone to explore one or more of their soul’s past incarnations.  It is helpful for uncovering connections to people, time periods or events, and resolving issues that may be carried over from that time. It is also helpful in retrieving skills and abilities from those times that can help one in their current life.

Life Between Lives takes that a step further to explore relationships, lessons and themes carried forward throughout several lifetimes, including the present incarnation.  It is a deeply profound exploration of one’s soul’s immortal existence from this loving realm between lives.  LBL allows one to learn more about their current life by connecting with their higher-self, spirit guides and teachers at the soul-level of the mind to gain an expanded sense of meaning and purpose regarding their current life journey.  

Clients not only discover their purpose for being, they also discover they had a choice in choosing this body and life.  It’s empowering to understand that we had choice in choosing these relationships, both loving and difficult, and what purpose they serve.  It brings a sense of comfort “knowing” that we are not alone, help is available to us, and that the soul continues on after we die. 

Experiencing this opens up a channel of awareness to our guides and teachers that continues after the session is over, reminding us that we are not alone as we live out the remainder of our current lives.  It is a deeply personal journey to connect with one’s soul-self to gain insight into one’s life lessons, challenges and relationships.

IACT: What is the process for an LBL? 

BB: An LBL lasts about 4 hours or so.  It begins by doing a plr on a prior session designed to prepare the client for this much longer session and even deeper state.  This can be done the day before for those clients traveling out of town.  Once a successful plr has been experienced, the client is ready for a LBL session. 

The LBL session begins with progressive relaxation and age regression to help the client move into this deeper state and also to get them used to working with the LBL practitioner.  Recalling pleasant current life memories and describing them to the practitioner serves as memory warm-ups and allows the client to drift deeper into themselves.  Clients gain access to even deeper memories in-utero and then cross over into their most recent past life.  The past life then acts as a springboard into the spirit world.  This time however, the client moves thru the past life more briefly, hitting a few highlights in order to get to the death scene which allows a natural progression into the spirit world. 

The entry point into LBL begins with the past life death scene crossing into the spirit world or heaven.  It takes the past life session a step further, spending time in various places in the spirit world where there is surprising order to things.  Clients are lovingly welcomed home by loved ones, spiritual guides and teachers.  LBL has been likened to a NDE, however, without the trauma involved.

Here in the spirit world, our true home, the client spends time reviewing their past with guides and elders to gain insight into current life.  There is no judgment here, only guidance from those compassionate beings who helped in the planning of our life here today.  Although we are given suggestions by these wise beings, ultimately we are allowed to make our own choices without judgment as we learn. They often use humor to remind us to “lighten up” and that we are dearly loved, explaining that they know how difficult a place earth can be.

Clients gain insight into relationship dynamics with soul mates and other members of their soul group, as well as companion groups, who incarnate with them thru various lifetimes.  These souls incarnate with us on our journey offering assistance or resistance along the way.

 Client’s may visit areas of rest and rejuvenation, body selection, libraries, meeting with soul groups, and their own Council of Elders where they explore their growth as a soul and karmic lessons. Interactions with spirit guides and Elders provides better understanding of their purpose as they move forward in their current incarnation. 

During this time in trance, time becomes non-linear. Clients describe with amazing consistency accounts of activities in the spirit world.  They are often surprised at how quickly it flows and tend to be in a profound state when the session is over.  The integration process continues afterwards. 

IACT: So what are the therapeutic benefits of an LBL session? 

BB: Great healing and a permeating sense of peace comes thru these sessions.  Understanding the interconnectedness of all souls allows one to live out the remainder of their current life in a much more conscious and meaningful way.  Clients have a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in this world with a deeper commitment to living out their soul’s contract or life’s purpose.

 From the perspective of the higher-mind, insights are revealed that help clients to begin to release outdated beliefs and burdens that are holding them back.  With this knowledge, they are better equipped to release anger or old resentments towards others, because they have a greater understanding of their own role in this.  As a result, they are able to take responsibility for their actions and live in a more conscious way. 

 LBL offers a therapeutic opportunity to readdress these issues from the current life body and brain to bring insightful awareness for healing old wounds they have been working thru for many lifetimes.  Connecting to one’s soul-self this way brings profound healing at a deeply emotional level as one understands their soul’s purpose along their journey thru time.

 In addition to answers to current life questions, LBL answers the age-old question of “What happens to us when we die?”  For many it is comforting to know that once the body dies, the soul continues on to rejoin with our loved ones once we leave our earthly existence. 

 IACT: Thank you for your time and attention during the interview process. It certainly is filled with rich information for our readers and profession.  We appreciate it.

 BB:  Anytime!  Thank you for the opportunity to share.  This work is so rewarding and quite amazing to facilitate! 





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